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colored sketch
Orix :OC: sketch by blackoptics8
Message me the link to a ref of the character and explain the pose you would like ;D

commission slots
slot 1: open
slot 2: open
slot 3: open
stuck in box pixel art
Kaeffe stuck in a box by blackoptics8
message me a link to the character u wish to be encapsulated in a box X3
Minecraft skined models
1.Steve pose 3 by blackoptics82.Steve Pose 2 by blackoptics83.Steve pose 1 by blackoptics8
4.Steve with grass by blackoptics8
I made a bunch of 3d poses and have them ready to be skinned. :D
Just message me the link to your skin, and the pose.
gif icons
Shutter/Aperture gif icon by blackoptics8Gear by blackoptics8Blackoptics8logo by blackoptics8CocoTheKitty12 gif by blackoptics8Minecraft Grass Block Rotation by blackoptics8Minecraft Diamond Ore Rotation by blackoptics8
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3d and color changing gif icons
(message me the info on what you would like done).


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points will go towards pm;
which if I get I'll design journal skins o3o

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grayscale desk by blackoptics8
grayscale desk
one of the sprites for my fanmade game of a twilight episode for school project ;D
(one of the desks in the bank of the "time enough at last" episode)

This is for a school project for my GAM101 class, I came up with this storyline a long time ago and have been revising it ever since, I have multitudes of different storylines for this game concept... I'm currently trying to either get set up for making this into a game or movie or combination of the two or something like that :P

Man I'm ready for this ;D... Whenever I come up with storylines for games, they always seem to become extremely multi-dimensional.  I would probably make my character look something like this (actually one of the characters for a game plot I've come up with).  He/I would originally look like myself now but then using a cube necklace (that looks like my logo), would go inside of my chest and I'd basically transform ;P I actually mentioned this in the description of my picture, but it's a species I came up with called Parraluxius: guardians of dimensional light, which they can control, there are seven kinds: Russus-Parraluxius (red), Auran-Parraluxius (orange), Croceus-Parraluxius (yellow), Viridis-Parraluxius (green), Aer-Parraluxius (blue), Indicum-Parraluxius (indigo), and Viola-Parraluxius (violet).  They are kind of like a living robot but still have all the senses of humans and more... fourth dimensional light is directly connected to their emotions which they have to learn to control; it's not that easy.

Instead of my character being orange and white, the white would be replaced with black and the orange with white.  The basic story is as follows: The earth has turned into a battlefield and Lucid (the main character) is standing on a pile of dead war machines thinking this can't be the real world, he abruptly hears the ting of something against the metal of the machines, turns around and finds a necklace.  He goes to pick it up and is brought into an alternate dimension and transforms.  The world he is brought to is divided through seven dimensions only he can cross.  The whole life of the world there is made up of something called emilght (or dimensional light) It's basically pure emotion.  There are stasis cores scattered around the world that contained large amounts of emilight to stabalize the dimension but there were those who sought this power and drained the stasis cores splitting the dimension.  The vortex that was created when Lucid entered the next dimension allowed those still living on earth to divide into 8 different sectors scattered throughout the universe but they couldn't reach the dimension Lucid was in.  You can read an extra part of my storyline here (still a work in progress though).

My character would be one that has no bounds to the depth of his emotions, that is why he is the white light, all the colors combined, he is also a deep black so he takes in the emotions of others adding to the will of his own emotions.  This can make him very unstable but adds to his will to stabalize the dimensions and emotions encapsulated by the greed of those who stole them.  Other characters would include the seven that are brought to the world by Lucid to help stabalize and maintain the stabalization of the world; each who become a different sub-species of Parraluxius.


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Kyle Engman
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

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I'm really into creating video games and 3d models. I've used CAD and had classes, use blender a lot, same with gamemaker studio. I probably have too many hobbies (some I don't do anymore but I enjoyed) here's a list of them all: Piano (I've been playing piano since I was 4), I juggle, solve Rubik's cubes (I have and can solve 2x2-7x7), speed stacks (cup stacking in different orientations), Saxophone (in band for 4 years), read tons of books, I've been messing around with electronics for years, I was in Science Olympiad, soccer for 6 years, basketball for a year, baseball for a year, chess club... I have many other hobbies and am still taking on new stuff. Everything I really love doing (music, programming, digital art, writing stories, playing games) all goes into the game making field so that's where I want to be XD.
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